Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)

Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)

Cost: $1,895

Duration: 6 Months

Our Certified Professional Life Coach course teaches the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federations (ICF). ICF is the leading organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession through high standards, independent certification, and a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. You will learn ICF-recognized protocols and use these to build your own distinctive coaching style

This course also incorporates the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) Code of Ethics, used to enhance the lives of individuals impacted by addiction. You will learn strategies for applying the IAPRC Code of Ethics, ICF Core Competencies, and other recognized coaching concepts. Upon course completion, you will have gained the industry-recognized skills needed to become a certified life coach and establish a successful coaching business.

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